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Poetica II

This song is by IiO and appears on the album Exit 110 (2011).

Can you believe, I feel like writing right after I've.
I mean, if I say the things that just went on in my head.
You would think I was downright filthy.
Compared to most, I feel fully fine.
I feel fully fine with them.
Let me begin by saying, even though it's not proper...
But I just thought, about how at times, I ponder.
How your dominance may be a treat to explore.
Even though a part of me, really doesn't want to.
The other part is really prying hard to discover.
The flaws and perfections you possess.
About how your logistics will affect me.
Perhaps they'll defect me.
Either way, I'm hungry.
Maybe you'll be able to feed me, like you do always.
You may even slake the drought in the dry, dry places.
Of course, I know.
It's absolute craziness.

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