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This song is by IiO and appears on the album Exit 110 (2011).

I'm always scared to look inside your eyes
They'll find a way to steal and take my life
Without out a doubt you pull the fire
Burn all the worlds lies of desire
I let you in
Swear that you won't leave my sinking

Oh watch me on my knee
Anywhere you'll be
Hiding I'm a fiend
Put your love I'm

I take my hand and rest it on his heart
And with a touch they make a each other spark
She how I shake when I can feel him
Through all the ache
Where was he hiding
I let you in swear you won't leave me sinking

Have me from your?
Your even around me from a distance
Pull me a shore
Save me from drowning in my ocean

I light the bomb
Sit such a chiller
Give me a joy love and a thriller
I let you in
Swaer that you won't leave me sinking