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This song is by Ihsahn and appears on the album After (2010).

Quiet surface
Blurred reflection
Heaven's mirror
Calm awaiting

Like glass until it breaks
Like glass until it breaks

Peaceful silence
Pressing void
Moving shadows
In the nether deep

Like glass until it breaks
Like glass until it breaks

No ships set sail on this ocean
No longing gaze from the shores
No screams drown in this deafening storm
But echoes of remorse

A formless driftwood sculpture
Soars above the sunken tower
Of this broken
Long lost kingdom
This wrecked Atlantis

Now behold the premonition
The golden crest of waves
The globes of crimson fire
As the ocean drinks the sun

Deep deep down
The mouth of pandemonium opens wide
Deep deep down
With its nautilite peace

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