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This song is by Ignite.

We've wiped out clanes and family's
My species kills off everything close to me
Eradicate all packs of wolves
Shooting trapping poisoning killing insanity
No more future (no more)
No real meaning (no more)
No more murder (no more)
No more pain

The hunters pay their blood money
A future loss of predatorial species
The governments they pay for this
Shoot from a helicopter is a sportsman's dream
No more meaning (no more)
To this madness (no more)
No more killing (no more)
Nothing gained

We live
In the age of
Red ridinghood
The movies and the stories
Show the wolves as never good
Unlike us humans
They only kill the weak
Respect for their elders
They respect their family

The timber red and grey wolves play
A vital role's in genetic's diversity
They're considered part of my world
So I'm justified in fighting to protect them all
No more hunting (no more)
No more murder (no more)
No more trapping (no more)
No more hate (no more)

These wolves (no more)
Cannis (no more)
Lupus (no more)
Extint (no more)
No more

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