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Ash Return

This song is by Ignite.

guess again everyone
who just left us for dead
but what did you really expect
that we'd never come back
well we did
well we did
well we did
you'd better take another look
these are the faces that you forgot
when the tread wore thin
well when the flame be dimmed
now you're gonna get burned
now you're gonna get burned
now you're gonna get burned

our position seems so grim
we're trying to move forward
while the past bottles us in
there's so many voices
they're telling us to quit
all we say is thanks
thanks for nothing
don't they know
what went around
what went around
is coming back

catch your breath
this is the wood the fuel and spark
of a whole stagnant movement
but together we're gonna find a match
ash return
ash return
ash return

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