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Sputnik (2013)Edit

Ignea - Sputnik


  1. Sputnik
  2. Firebird
  3. Mind the Past
  4. Planet War
  5. Boosted!

The Sign of Faith (2017)Edit

Ignea - The Sign of Faith

The Sign of Faith

  1. Şeytanu Akbar
  2. Alexandria
  3. Petrichor
  4. Theatre of Denial
  5. Jahi
  6. Halves Rupture
  7. Last Chosen by You
  8. Alga
  9. How I Hate the Night
  10. Leviathan (cover of "Leviathan" by Ultra Sheriff)
  11. Sputnik (Xes Dreams Version) (instrumental)

Additional information

Artist information:

Ignea is a female-fronted Oriental Metal band from Ukraine. They were formed as Parallax and released their debut EP under this name. In 2015 they changed their name to Ignea and released the single "Alga".

Years active:

2011 - present

Band members:

  • Helle Bogdanova - clean and extreme vocals, lyrics
  • Evgeny Zhytnyuk - keyboards, extreme vocals
  • Xander Kamyshin - bass
  • Dmitriy Vinnichenko - guitars
  • Ivan Kholmogorov - drums


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