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Tiny Girls

This song is by Iggy Pop and appears on the album The Idiot (1977).

This song has been covered by Martin L. Gore under the title "Tiny Girls".
Original video
Well the day begins, you don't want to live, 'cause you can't believe in the one you're with
'Cause you know her tricks and you know her past, when she makes a face you just have to laugh
And you feel like such a know-it-all when you only want just a tiny girl
And you hope she'll sing
So you turn around toward the tiny girls who have got no tricks, who have got no past
Yeah, that's what you think, and you hope she'll sing
But she sings of greed, like a young banshee, and she wants for this, and she wants for that
Ah, what did you think?

Written by:

David Bowie / Iggy Pop

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