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Pussy Power

This song is by Iggy Pop and appears on the album Brick by Brick (1990).

Original video
An evil shadow moves across my brain
A certain burning that makes me insane
She's on my beam oh no, she's in my room
She's all around me now and I'm a tool

Pussy power
Pussy power
Pussy power
Pussy power

She wears a raincoat in the sun all day
She says she wants to have some fun, well, hey
She calls me over on the sidewalk
She's got a joint, she's got a cute walk

Pussy power
Pussy power
Got pussy power
Pussy power

Pussy power
Hour by hour
Pussy power
Oh, what a flower

I want to hold her close to me
'Cause pussy power's pulling me

When it's there and I can't have it
I get real, real rabid
I've got to figure out a way
I'm so pent-up, like this I can't stay

I've got to look this in the eye
I'm much too crazed, I'm much too shy
But all in all, at least I am I
Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my

Pussy power
Pussy power
Pussy power
Pussy power

Written by:

James Osterberg, Jr.


Duff McKagen Wikipedia16, bass

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