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Mass Production

This song is by Iggy Pop and appears on the album The Idiot (1977).

Original video
Before you go, do me a favour
Give me a number
Of a girl almost like you, with legs almost like you
I'm buried deep in mass production, you're not nothing new
I like to drive along the freeways, see the smokestacks belching, breasts turn brown
So warm and so brown

Though I try to die you put me back on the line
Oh damn it to Hell, back on the line, Hell, back on the line
Again and again, I'm back on the line
Again and again
And I see my face here, and it's there in the mirror
And it's up in the air, and I'm down on the ground

By the way, I'm going for cigarettes
And since you've gotta go won't you do me that favour?
Won't you give me that number? Won't you get me that girl?
Yeah, she's almost like you. Yes, she's almost like you
And I'm almost like him. Yes, I'm almost like him
Yes, I'm almost like him. Yeah, I'm almost like him

Written by:

David Bowie / Iggy Pop

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