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Main Street Eyes

This song is by Iggy Pop and appears on the album Brick by Brick (1990).

This whole country is scared of failure.
My head keeps trying to sell me ambition,
But in my heart, I want self-respect.
There's a conflict.

Boy, I feel so outgunned today
But I'll get up and fight back, anyway
You and I are not huge mainstream stars
But unlike them, we're really what we are

We got main street eyes
Watchin' as the big boys roll by
Under rotten television skies
We got main street eyes

I saw a kitten squashed in the street
I read about a plastic surgeon and his art

We are played for suckers all the time
Phony rock and roll
It's a crime
I don't want to dip myself in trash
I don't want to give myself for cash

We got main street eyes
Tryin' to do what' decent with our lives
Under funny television skies
We got main street eyes

Walkin' around sometimes
I see a tension under the surface
People are just about ready to explode.

So hold me, and trust me
I love you. Don't worry.
Keep your main street eyes
Keep your main street eyes
Keep your main street eyes

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