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This song is by Iggy Pop and appears on the album Blah-Blah-Blah (1986).

I need to touch
A live unbeaten earth
So that's where I'm going

I know a town
In N.W. Mexico
Where the sun is gold
And life exists
Hideaway hideaway truly
Hideaway hideaway truly

My country got
Raped by big industry
We'll just have to wing it

The concrete strips
Raw greed and king TV
They say, "So what"
I say "So this"
Hideaway hideaway truly
Hideaway hideaway truly

I can hear the children's voices
Ringing in a yard
When I hear children's voices
My feelings aren't so hard

Your honest face
Your quiet simple grace
You are one thing
I will not waste
Hideaway hideaway truly
Hideaway hideaway truly

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