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Cry For Love

This song is by Iggy Pop and appears on the album Blah-Blah-Blah (1986) and on the compilation album A Million in Prizes: The Anthology (2005).

Status seekers -
I never cared
Once I found out
They never dared
To seize the world and
Shake it upside down
And every stinking bum
Should wear a crown

Sayin' I
Cry for love
Till all the plates are broken
Cry for love
Until my eyes are soakin'
Yeah I
Cry for love
Oh every sammy morning
Yeah I
Cry for love
'Cause imitation's boring
Cry for love

Bad TV that
Insults me freely
Still I know what
I'm dyin' to see
In searching for
A meaningful embrace
Sometimes my self-respect
Took second place

An' I
Cried for love
I did what my heart told me
Cried for love
Can't stand it
When they scold me
Yeah I
Cried for love
On every sammy morning
Yeah I
Cry for love
'Cause imitation's boring
Cry for love

Surfers ride for love
And wipe out when it hits 'em
Soldiers kill for love
And nobody admits it
If you're cryin' for love
Well, that's ok
Don't sweat it
If you're cryin' for love
Then there's still a chance
You'll get it
Cry for love

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