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The Opposite Of Optimism Is Not Pessimism

This song is by Ieatpants and appears on the album Ieatpants (2010).

I would like just once to sing about happy things
It's this life--i don't trust it, and what it brings
Well I hate fun, that should be obvious by now
But I truly believe
That in the end we'll work our differences out

And I think that everyone is afraid of something
And that one thing seems so big and frightening
We can't live always second guessing our actions
So I have to believe
That in the end it'll all work out

I feel betrayed by past generations' failures
It always seemed to me that they never cared for us
But I wonder what the fuck I think I'm doing
That makes me think that i
Am so useful and so profound

I would like to sing a few happy songs
But if I ignored our every pain and struggle
Does it demean everything in life we've won?
And I truly believe
That in the end it'll all work out

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