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It's On Me

This song is by Ideal and appears on the compilation The Album (2001).

Ou Ou Ou Ouooo

Ou Ou Ou Ouooo

It's On Me
The ride and the Lexin'
On 23s
It's On me
The trip to malls
so you can buy a few things
It's On me
The bottles of champagne
While we eat
It's on me

Chorus: x2
How do you want it
I got it
Come get it ??
Tonight it's on me
How do you like it
?? I'll find it
don't try to fight it
Tonight it's on me

It's on me
The bubbles in the bath??
You just relax
It's on me
?? with my hands while
I massage your back
Have you ever had a man
Making love to you
And you say no more
It's on me
The love and ??
Down to the floor

Chorus: x2

I don't ?? properties

Chorus: x3

It's On Me

It's On Me

It's On Me

Tonight It's On Me

Chorus: Repeat till end

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