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This song is by Iceman Ja.

When it isn't fully charged, get back about yard, and if your speakers blow disregard. 'Cause last time I was here that bass exploded, I'm reloaded. I'm reloaded.

You can't stop it when it drop so don't even attempt, my bass get in your ear your hearing can be exempt. An overload of the quad can damage your corti's, I'm dropping it while the DJ's cutting like Voorhees. The matter of this creation is solid mass in physics, in my laboratory experimenting no visits. All the shades down with safety glasses on, electrical power coming from the storms. Radiant energy sin waves thrive, when the level is pulled ...It, It, It's alive! Frequencies low the tweeter getting the highs, rhymes in the flow from loaded disk drives. Your listen to a pro check my archive, you knew it was going down soon as I arrive, I'm ready now let's go don't need to take five, from my thin eyes knowledge I derive. Technicalities in the music, if it don't hit hard then don't use it, if my name isn't on it don't choose it, and if it isn't my bass then refuse it. You want that boom to be nitro, the real deal mega made and not vitro, shaking and making them woofers go psycho, but if you turn past ten you'll need geico. The bass is back with a vengeance, my electric style is contentious, If you claim my style it's pretentious, I'm the inventor being me is senseless.

Electro bass I make is amusing, how much can you take when it's fusing, how much power before abusing, keep listening you'll hear the conclusion. I drop that quad like its boiling, engine revved up ready with no stalling, stronger than dump truck and ready for hauling, you will dance so much you'll be crawling.