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The Last Laugh

This song is by Iced Earth and appears on the album The Dark Saga (1996) and on the album Alive In Athens (1999).

My personal quest is to make your life hell
Yes, dear friend, listen up well
The power I've given I can take as well

I am your father, destroyer of the light
I've taken your soul and have given you life
You are the damned, condemned by my hand
My son, creature of the night

(Extending) Now you rise
(Tormented) Soul of fire
(Deception) In my eyes
(Your life) Your life is mine

My new born son, burn now with anger
I command and you must follow
Fly now and do battle
The heavens fall, mankind's disaster

In your hour of darkness
You warm my soul
God won't save you
Your soul's been sold


Repeat chorus

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