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In Sacred Flames

This song is by Iced Earth and appears on the album The Crucible Of Man (Something Wicked Part 2) (2008).

Convocare, caelestis
Bestia, excidium
Hominum mortalis,
Dies natalis, nefarius, detestari.

Dies natalis, odisse, mortalis
Dies natalis, odisse, mortalis, dies.

Excidium, hominum, excidium
Convocare, caelestis, bestia
Excidium, hominum, excidium, excidium
Hominum, excidium, hominum.

Hominum, mortalis, dies natalis
Nefarius, detestari
Convocare, caelestis, bestia, excidium
Hominum mortalis, dies natalis
Dies nefarius, natalis bestia
Excidium, convocare, caelestis
Bestia, excidium.