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Hollow Man

This song is by Iced Earth and appears on the album The Glorious Burden (2004).

Emptiness, consuming me
Head in hands, I can hardly speak
Looking for solitude
Lost in humanity
True knowledge leads to a suffering
A constant quest, an endless dream
Searching for inner peace
Hidden so deep in me

Don't wanna be a hollow man
Ain't gonna be the hollow man
Don't wanna be a hollow man
Ain't gonna be the hollow man

Sadness comes knocking constantly
Filling up my eyes for all to see
Peace will come some day
I pray that it finds a way
Darkness caressing my mind and soul
My spirit's rejecting, I'm feeling whole
Emptiness goes away
Fills with the light of day


I rise up like the Phoenix
Form the ashes of an older way
With wisdom gained, I turn away
I turn away
Hollow man find yourself some other prey


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