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Once Upon A Time In The Projects 2

This song is by Ice Cube and appears on the album War & Peace Vol. 1: The War Disc (1998).

Once upon a time in the projects yo
I damn near had to wreck a hoe
Yellin' through the screen do' (hey, let me in!)
(Big daddy got a fifth of gin, and down to sin)
Baby up in two-ten, is on a nigga
Bendin over pickin' up her mail, she can tell I'm dyin' to get her
I'm sittin' in yo' livin' room, slash kitchen
A nigga ain't tryin' to be the fuckin' groom so stop bitchin
*Knock knock knock* I like the way that ass is switchin, answer the do'
Some nigga in a eighty-kay, yo' baby daddy
Lookin' like he mad at me (what) wit'cho name on his neck
Here we go with mo' drama in the projects

Wait a minute, who is this motherfucker?

You better take his ass in the back, and start talkin'
Nick that bud 'fore it bloom, and start stalkin
I can hear you guys yellin' *glass breaks* a little strugglin
Youse a fool if you think that I'm jumpin' in
That nigga jet, smokin' on a ciggarette
You say domestic shit, get you soakin wet?
Well come widdit and get it, blow my socks
While I'm drinkin' all the kool-aid, watchin jamie foxx
I'm hearin mo' knocks *knock knock knock*
(Oh, that's just my people
They came all the way to the projects to meet you) who?
This fool wearin black, his girl, in the see through
Distraction, a little action, *fight ensues* I woke up
Tied up like (what happened? punk you shoulda stuck to rappin'
Niggaz tell me you got a house full of platinum...
Where the platinum at motherfucker?
I hear that shit worth more than gold!)

Wait a minute motherfucker, this my house!

Once upon a time in the projects (3x)
Once upon a time, once upon a time

I'm like baffled, they got me gaffled, with the duct tape
So I remain raw, in come this chainsaw *knock knock knock*
Another knock, it's the girl from two-ten
Here to drop salt, that's when them bitches fought
I thought, "i bet-ta plan my escape"
In the midst of this commotion, ice cube is breakin tape
I'm free, bombin on the first thing I see
And guess who walk in, with a nine, and a grin
It's the baby daddy he ain't playin', *gunshots*
He started layin everybody down, about face with a frown
I'm runnin' to the bedroom, I lock the do'
And grab the phone, the bitch phone ain't turned on
I think I'm gone, that's when I hear a soft knock
It's the girl from two-ten, with her number, and a glock
Said, "call me up, if it's for sex, or chin check
Nigga get you a real ass bitch from the projects!"

And I just might do that

Once upon a time in the projects (3x)
Once upon a time, once upon a time