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Ghetto Bird

This song is by Ice Cube and appears on the album Lethal Injection (1993).

Why, oh why must you swoop through the hood like everybody from the hood is up to no good.
You think all the girls around here are trickin' up there lookin' like Superchicken
At night I see your light through my bedroom window But I ain't got shit but the pad and pencil
I can't wait till I hear you say "I'm going down, mayday, mayday." I'm gonna clown
Cause every time that the pigs have got me y'all rub it in with the flying Nazi
Military force, but we don't want ya standin' on my roof with the rocket launcher
"So fly like an eagle." But don't follow us wherever we go
The shit that I'm saying, make it's heard Motherfuck you and your punk-ass ghetto bird
"Run, run, run, from the ghetto bird"
"Run, run, run, from the ghetto bird"

Now... My homey's here to lick on a trick for a Rolex
And let me try the four next Now the four I was driving was hotter than July
Looked up and didn't see it whippin' in the sky Saw a chopper with numbers on the bottom
"Calling all cars, I think we've got em." I hit the gas and I mashed past Inglewood
I think I drove through every single hood South Central, Compton and Watts
Long Beach, bust a U, here come the cops Wish I had a genie with about three wishes
Metal flake green on D's I look suspicious You know that I'm running
Shit, I hear it humming Fuck, I see it coming
Is it a bird? Yup Is it a plane? No
I hit me a right on El Segundo Wanted to holla, had to ditch the Impala
Let's see if they would folla me, hit a fence, hit a fence, and another
Met me a baby pitbull and his mother Ran up in some peoples house and looked out of the window
I wish it was my ten-four had to pull a strap on a fool named Louis the Third
'Cause I'm getting chased by the ghetto bird

"Just put his hat, ehrrr, he combed his hair and then put his hat back
On. Errr, he's acting nonchalant up there in that cockpit, going 115
Miles an hour, with the police chasing him. Ehm, they're not gonna be
Real happy when they catch up with him, no matter what, the eh...
Ehrr, they hate, they hate a bigmouth even worse."

Officer Bird's on his way, and I don't wanna see him could you please give me the keys to the B.M.?
See, I didn't want to bank you but don't make me bank you, thank you
Tried to get yo the hood, and you might guess that a fool like me woulda shot Cyrus
Incognito, Ghetto Eagle Saying, "Fuck, where did he go?"
I bust me a left from Rubellon. Park The 735 and I'm bailin'
Went to my homegirl's house and got a hug man, She helped me run like Harriet Tubman
Looked out the window by the black bed I saw the pigs and the four on a flatbed
Then the light from the bird hit me in the face I close the blinds 'cause I didn't wanna catch a case
All that night, I heard the bird circle while I was eating fish and watching Urkel
She said I could sleep on the couch By two A.M. I was digging her out
Fuck the ghetto bird
"Which way is he going now?" "Ok, now... now he's... he's actually southbound... on a service street...
And, uh... Gee whiz, uh, I'm gonna get my maps out here and figure
Out which service street he suddenly turned off on. Uh, the sheriffs are... are... well I know that...
Sheriffs ground units got thrown off"

Motherfuck you and your punk-ass ghetto bird

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