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Gangsta's Fairytale 2

This song is by Ice Cube and appears on the album The Predator (1992).

Intro: Little Russ
Hey muthafuckin' cube, what the fuck's wrong with you?
You didn't kick the rest of that gangsta fairytale shit.
Why don't you kick it one good time.
Niggas on the playground wanna know what's happenin'.
You left 'em hangin' man, what the fuck?

Verse 1: Ice Cube
Little boy blue is outta folsome
Now them three little pigs gotta roast him
Drivin' down sesame street and I bet
That little muthafucker's out fuckin' smurfette
Ain't saw the wolf yet, but it's no doubt
They'll catch his ass slippin at his grandma house
They got the MAC-10 pointed out the coop
'Cause they gotta follow they nose like fruit loops
Peeped out little miss muffet on her tuffet eatin grits
She saw the MAC-10 and the bitch had the shits
Ran into her house, called up her crew
Cause red riding hood wants to kill little boy blue
And the wolf too, what is mister rogers doing?
Moved out his jordan, bought him a ewing
Him, little boy blue and the wolf in the cellar
Planning on gettin' cinderella
Cause cinderella still works for the pigs
Through with the dwarfs, doin' bebe's kids
Now snow white got the horny ass fever
Doin' the beauty's beast like jungle fever
Now the word's on the street
When the crews meet
You better make alot of room
'Cause it's on with the pigs and them other nigs
When the cow jump over the moon, everybody jump.

Now little boy blue is up front
With the nine millimeter, ready for the hunt
Little red riding hood caught his ass slippin'
Drew down on the boy cause the bitch is steady trippin'
About to get loose with the deuce deuce.
That's when the boy said, "What about the gang truce?"
The little hoe had no words
The wolf came around and the bitch got served
Three little pigs bought wigs
Dressed like sheep, cinderella is little bo peep
Tryin' to creep, on the crew
The wolf, the rogers, the blue, they through
Cause the pigs did the buck buck bang, ping
Now you hear the fat lady sing
Cinderella ran like a trick
To the pay phone cause the bitch is still a snitch
Now the pigs are caught by the pigs and taken
In the pen to get fried like bacon
You still can't trust no hoe
And ice cube'll tell the kids how the stories, should go.

Outro: Little Russ
Yeah cube, man that shit was dope nigga.
You all that and a bowl of grits.
Nigga that shit was on props, nigga.
Yeah that's how you kick that shit for the ninety-deuce, nigga.
What's happenin' nigga?
Yeah nigga that's gangsta fairytale part 2 nigga.
All you trick ass niggas can't fuck with it.

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