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​A History of Violence

This song is by Ice Cube and appears on the album Laugh Now, Cry Later (2006).

Man #1:
Plex adventured across young north pole
Where off in the tach by teenage members of a new gang called The Spook Hunters
Roll of a hand full of other gangs active at this time
It was only natural for all these newest resedents to respond in kind.

Man #2:
As white attack started to increase their new mid-19 40's
And the late 19 40's and black started to organize their clubs
Really as a defensive magnesm and the boss man and the business man
And the snideal boys and all these clubs in South Ballet
Really were just sort of defending themselves again
So I finally step is coming from Honey to Park and South Gate.

Man #1:
Well then why isn't the black panthers in Los Angeles?
You said they'd be in another blade to a generation of black teenagers
With witness many other role models accacinated through out the 1960's.

Man #3:
What I'm sayin' is so many words they should've let the panthers went on
Because if I would not be no personal blood.

Ice Cube:
You know what?
Come on.