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This song is by Ice-T and appears on the album The Seventh Deadly Sin (1999).

This album is dedicated to Rhyme Syndicate
They heard my records before they are made
When they're just on paper in the demo's lay
At 6:00 AM when the cops run (?) ray
And we don't worry about suckers 'cause they really get spray

-Yo, man that Ice-t is a bad motherfucker man, that's the dope album, man. Rhyme Pays, man. Play that record again, man, that's the stuped stuff, turn the tape over
-Yo, homeboy, I got to do Ice-T tape.
-No, man, you ain't got it, man.
-Yo, I got the Power tape.
-How you got that tape, man? It ain't even out yet.
-Look at the girl on the cover, homeboy.
-Hey, man give me... What's that?! Yo, man! Give me that tape!
-Oh, man! I shot the homeboy! I don't mean to do that! (?) He's bleeding... Oh, man... That's fucked up... I better call the paramedics, man! Yeah, I better call the... Well... Let me see if this tape sound like fresh...

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