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First Impression

This song is by Ice-T and appears on the album O.G. Original Gangster (1991).

Upon intial contact with Ice-T's music, I had envisioned him to be an ill-mannered and psychologically unstable man with an extremely uneducated and barbaric
frame of mind, whose raps displayed nothing but ridiculous jargon, shocking sexual audacity and repulsive images of the ghetto.

However, after further analysis of his music I can deduce that he is the epitome of
antidisestablishmentarianism, who embodies the entire spectrum of the urban experience and struggle.

But to make things more plain and simple to the layman, I find Ice-T to be the dopest, flyist, O.G. pimp hustler gangster player hardcore motherfucker living today.

To be honest, I am totally and irrevocably on his dick.

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