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Elephant Tears

This song is by Ian Moore.

Elephant tears tracking softly down his face
All the pain he couldn't place
Someone had to take the fall.

Didn't look close enough to see
That this elephant was me.

Butterfly quilt stretching all across the sky
Filled the autumn day with light
They flew straight into my eyes.

Well I was blinded by the sun,
But it turned cold and now they're gone.

Well I'm free just like I wanted; got no promises to tend;
Got no favors left to lend,
Just the mark that's on my hand.

Well that black-eyed Susan knows my number,
My name she's soon to learn
I'm just one step from her turn
And then I'm done

So I'll go on just the same, with my body and my name.
I've got nothing left to hide;
Everything is open wide.

But I hear you in your song,
Yeah girl I heard you all along.

Yeah I hear you in your song,
Yeah baby I heard you all along.

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