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This song is by Ian Moore.

And then the rains they came
From thick and broken clouds
And washed out all the names
Of tired little towns
Summer's gone away
Just the California coast
Hey, I don't mind
I never saw around much anyway

But I cannot be still
And it's coarsing through my veins
Songs that never live
The songs that stay the same
And it turned around at you
And it knocked you off your feet
Yeah the world was on your back
And you woudn't carry that weight

O' and Caroline you should
Captured their hearts while you still could
You just threw it all away
Did you really think that you'd live forever, Caroline?

And one by one they fell
Clinging to their names
Technology overflowing
And it's flowing from their brains
Nobody knew the words
Nobody knew to sing
Nobody had the time to talk about it anyway

They all just sold you down the line
And you're looking for forgivness
Every time you shut your eyes
But you're faded and old
And they'll never love you

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