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Straight Back to You

This song is by Ian McDonald and appears on the album Drivers Eyes (1999).

I was lost in the jungle
Some hostile place
When I woke up alone
A black widow on my face
Shipwrecked on the rocks
I sank like a stone
Under a shark attack
I was dinosaur bones
In a desert of lies
To the hottest place in hell
Through an artic winter
At the bottom of a well

But it's straight back to you
Right here and right now
I came back from the brink somehow
There was no way around
What I had to go through
This twisted road straight back to you

I sailed under the moon
The way lunatics do
To a no-man's land
With a nightmare crew
There were vulture wings
And siren screams
With the crash of waves
In craters and ravines

Straight back to you
Quit wasting my time
I'm getting down to what I've been denying
Now I know what I've done
And what I still need to do
Travel this road straight back to you

And the sun's gonna rise
And I know who I am
The fire still burns in this solitary man
I'm coming straight back to you
'Cause I know where you are
You've got to return before you go too far

Straight back, straight back


  • Written by Ian McDonald and Lou Gramm.
  • Steve Holley: drums.
  • Kenny Aaronson: bass guitar.
  • Ian McDonald: guitar, alto saxophone, synthesizer.
  • Lou Gramm: lead vocals.
  • Steve Hackett: guitar solo.

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