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Let There Be Light

This song is by Ian McDonald and appears on the album Drivers Eyes (1999).

Let there be light
A quiet flame that burns
Amazed as
Love to fall in returns

Just out of sight
The sergeant hides his drum
Talks crazy
'Bout the world he's won

Sure as the moon greets the sun
There'll be a song unsung
Sweet music
To hang our sorrows on

Let there be light


  • Written by Ian McDonald and Peter Sinfield.
  • Steve Holley: drums, percussion.
  • Kenny Aaronson: bass guitar.
  • Ian McDonald: clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, synthesizer, clavinet, strings arrangements.
  • Gary Brooker: lead vocals.
  • Keith Underwood: flute, piccolo.
  • Immanuel Davis: flute, piccolo.
  • Dan Coleman: strings scores and conduction.

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