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In Your Hands

This song is by Ian McDonald and appears on the album Drivers Eyes (1999).

A simple turn of the key
When you believed in me
And all I had to do was go on

You brought my world around
When I had run aground
And given up on my dreams for so long

When you found me
I tried to hide
And then I found you somewhere
The day we cried

The key was in your hands
Yes, it was in your hands

A single touch of the key
You captivated me
I was lost in your incredible sound

With every note you played
You took my breath away
You got me so I nearly drowned

You brought music to my ears
To fill the wanton silence
That filled my years
And my heart was in your hands

A subtle change of key
But such a change for me
Since the day you came into my life

You got me going
And now you're gone
But somehow, somewhere darling
Our love lives on

And so I understand
The world is in our hands
My life is in my hands
Your life is in your hands


  • Written by Ian McDonald & B. Stanley.
  • Steve Holley: drums.
  • Kenny Aaronson: bass guitar.
  • Ian McDonald: guitar, synthesizer, lead vocals.
  • G. E. Smith: guitar solo.
  • Stephen Gosling: piano.

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