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This song is by Ian Kelly and appears on the album Insecurity (2005).

Daddy isn't always there to save your skin when you did something bad
I know I come to you like a virus, spreading your sins making you so sad

I came over last night to cease your fears you thought your actions made me so damn
As I was climbing up the frozen stairs I thought if you we're there I'd be so glad
And all the people in the streets are blind they cannot see that you're one of a kind
And even though you sometimes irritate we need to learn how to appreciate

And this has brought us here, but the snow won't get me down
I won't live for spring, I won't wait to sing
The snow won't get me down

Even though you complain that winter's long
By the end of December you're gone
And when the warmth of summer's not at rest
You cannot tolerate its hot caress

When my baby's sitting in the cold
With her red cheeks and her kisses I stole
I thank god for the white coat on the trees
You need to learn to love your enemies

No it won't get me down


Written by:

Jackie Lynton; Tony Leach

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