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Stop Stuttering

This song is by I Wish I Was Lightning.

Secretly you stutter
As you memorize your lines, you still love her
And tonight I'm equally entwined with another
Keep your lover close but her lover closer

And if my memory serves your addicted
To breaking down the lyrics
Obsessing over details
Does this melody describe my good side?

And tonight your nothing short of the first time you were
Simply stunning hunny
And I certainly can't shake this
So break that beat down on top of the pavement

With any luck we'd fall
And science would save us all
Oh loss of purpose how we miss you

I swear it's 2 a.m. I think you fooled me again
So just get in the back seat
Just get in the back seat and carry on
I'm slipping through and my intentions are crude
I think you fooled me again and again
Don't shake away your days your only 20
As I can see these lines repeat
So stop stuttering, stop stuttering

We used to be the best kid
We'd hope for rain and pray to god that we could swim
I swear I'd share my lack of patience
But tonight I'm lacking inspiration

Treading south is hardest when your
Lying underneath 3 months of smiles
I'm sure I'd make a proper rival
But breaking hearts just ain't my style

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