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Turn It Up

This song is by I Voted for Kodos and appears on the album My New Obsession (2006) and on the compilation If You Cant Make It Big ... Just Give Up! (2007).

Come on baby turn it up 1234
Come on baby turn it up 5678
Come on baby don't say maybe yeah
When I say when turn it up again 9 10
Feel the rhythm, pulsing through my veins
Sweet music and melody takes away the pain
It's a drug all on its own
I don't need nothing else and I'm ready to go (GO!)
So come on baby turn it up 1234...
Bass, Guitars, drums and amplfiers
Yeah nothing can put out this fire
Oh girl do you feel it too?
Does the rhythm and the melody move you
So come on baby turn it up 1234...
Unity, you and me, sharing this moment together right now
Make it last, leaves so fast, but now the speaker's loud
Those words, bass lines, lyrics, resonate
Yeah something that makes life worth living
So come on baby turn it up 1234...

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