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The Diarrhea Convictions

This song is by I Shit on Your Face and appears on the album Anal Barbeque (2005).

My bleeding mouth where Candida breeds
Esophagus corroded by hepatic diseases

Vomiting blood!

From Barret to cancer... Burping (it) putrid and gory
Regurgitating the festering pool of H. pylori

Dyspeptic stomach... Bacterial eruption
The hideous fecal bolus created by dysfunction


Useless duodenum, G. lamblia intestates
A malnourished body that just evacuates

Diverticulosis bleeding, Ascaris in motion
The H bomb rectum, anal explosion!

Averted humanity, the prolapsed entrails
Scattering these lewd diarrheic cocktails


Organic responses for medicine omissions
Painfully enjoying the diarrhea convictions