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Sex Shop Agoraphobia

This song is by I Shit on Your Face and appears on the album Anal Barbeque (2005).

I was abused when a kid
Lived moments of agony
My suffering destiny


Dad drunk with some sluts
He fucked mum violently
And made a "gutjob" in my shit

...Of body

Now I avoid sexuality
Living a life of apathy
In a shy personality


Today is my birthday, I'm 23
I was kidnapped by workmates
They have something hot for me...


Tied up into a sex shop
The feces tremble inside my guts

I am scared!

I scream horrified and start to go insane
Dildos flying over my head, they are ready to cum
Giant condom wraps my body, plastic pussies touch my skin
Sexual phobia makes me shit while dildos fuck my mouth

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