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Anal Barbecue

This song is by I Shit on Your Face and appears on the album Anal Barbeque (2005).

After shipwreck, trapped in this place
And dead castaways

Lack of sex, lack of food
Human flesh can be so good

Necrophiliac needs
Putrid orgy days
Necrophagic needs

Gluteus to be grilled
Anal barbecue
Spicy taste of poo
Anal barbecue

The rigor mortis of the orifices
My organ tightly fits
The warmth of my cum
Inside worms, it will feed

And you will feed me, stiff flesh I eat
And crustaceans to gnaw the bones I'll leave

My sickest necessities
For psychobscenities
Fulfilled in this island
With an anal barbecue

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