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So Gently We Go

This song is by I Mother Earth and appears on the album Dig (1993).

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So Gently We Go
Fill my head with your nonsense
You can breathe my breath till I turn red
Close your eyes, try to follow me
If you close your eyes, you can become me

You can park your shoes on my front step
Then gently walk barefoot through my sunken chest
I'll shade my eyes from the burning sun
But feel confident 'cause we're as bold

And laughter
And laughter
And laughter
And laughter

Wake me up when the day is late
So I can watch the sunset and go back to bed
And dream so real, a fantastic stage
Psychodramatic means to uncertain ends

I'll scare you blind with my confidence
As cool as Jesus and his twelve best friends
And the reason we can do these things
Is that the Earth has told of an outrageous spring


We'll meet for breakfast in the sun room
The feeling in my soul as sweet as good perfume
Leave your sex at the door, come in
There's ecstasy for all, no need to leave your name

Pirouettes, we will make in game
On the ceiling, movies of our lives will play
The reason we can do these things
Is that our minds are clouded and we can't see straight

Maybe I've played my part
But it's a player's art
Me and my friends, we were just living

I've heard the sound that silence makes
And I realize the world can break
From the inside out or outside in
On a breath of wind


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