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Sincerely, Robots (1999)Edit

I Farm - Sincerely, Robots
Sincerely, Robots
  1. Two Kipperds Each
  2. Superhuman Coliseum
  3. Tough But Fair
  4. Life On Planet Reebok
  5. End? No ... 5.5
  6. Chemotherapy
  7. If We Can't Police Ourselves, Then I Guess We Need Police
  8. Fighting Is Emo
  9. Here Come The Waterworks
  10. Go Team (Right)
  11. The Dreaded Esqualax
  12. Your Hand-Eye Coordination Isn't Getting Any Better
  13. Route 44
  14. R. Farm
  15. If Vans Could Run On Clichés
  16. Effort
  17. Citizen Joey

...Is Lying To Be Popular (2003)Edit

I Farm - ...Is Lying To Be Popular
...Is Lying To Be Popular
  1. Shut Up And Read
  2. Many Faces / Other People Are Hell
  3. Puzzlement
  4. If I Ran The Zoo
  5. Robot Daughter
  6. Wills From Without
  7. William Shatner Speaks Esperanto, Do You?
  8. Build On One
  9. Your Birthday
  10. White Lie
  11. You Bet It Does
  12. Great Leap Forward
  13. Mouse Hunter, A.D.
  14. Half Sandwich
  15. If You Don't Watch Your Fingers You Can Type Much Faster

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