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First Things First (2008)Edit

I Call Fives - First Things First
First Things First
  1. Ready To Go
  2. My Last Mistake
  3. Coast To Coast
  4. Twelve Credits Short
  5. Overtime
  6. Running In Circles
  7. This Song Is So...2006

Bad Advice (2010)Edit

I Call Fives - Bad Advice
Bad Advice
  1. Hand Me Down Luck
  2. Elevator Music
  3. Try Hard To Remember
  4. Easy To Say States Away
  5. Two Days Or A Lifetime Of Failure
  6. Take The Fall
  7. Everyone Knows (Vinyl Release Only)

Someone That's Not You (2012)Edit

I Call Fives - Someone That's Not You
Someone That's Not You
  1. Someone That's Not You
  2. Backup Plan
  3. Lakeview
  4. How's It Gonna Be

I Call Fives (2012)Edit

I Call Fives - I Call Fives
I Call Fives
  1. Late Nights
  2. Obvious
  3. Backup Plan
  4. The Fall Guy
  5. Stuck In '03
  6. Enemy
  7. Wrong Things
  8. Two Sides To Every Story
  9. We Were Right Together And We Were Wrong Together
  10. Regrets And Setbacks
  11. Sleep Well

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