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Nothing Happened

This song is by I Against I and appears on the album I'm A F***ed Up Dancer But My Moods Are Swinging (1999).

Well for a moment it was over then I don't think that it's over, now Now we can go on this way
Like nothing happened; nothing changed a bit But I wouldn't bet my life on it The feeling just
Won't go away Leave me alone There's nothing wrong You wouldn't listen then Well fuck you I won't
Tell you now If there is anything you feel Listen to what it tells you It won't hurt a bit to kneel
There was a time when I was easy 'cause Now I'm acting on my worst I know that I have you to
Thank You never listened to a word I said And I just don't feel sorry now That it's you who has to
Pay Fuck you I just won't tell you I spent a lifetime on you But now I'm back where I belong

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