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This song is by iVardensphere and appears on the album Fable (2015).

Words through waves, hiding a thousand graves,
Paving the way for souls that can't be saved.
Hold your breath and don't look away, we're nearly there...
We won't have to stay.

The water speaks and I'll listen, to the tales it has to tell.
And the souls that surface and glisten, whisper to me it's all a spell.
Guide me through the middle lands...
Give me to your riddles and...

Take me away, to the other place.
In your grotesque sway, where it's never day.
Keep me safe and with hope I pray that I will reach the land that I crave.

Cross the water,
The shoreline we all seek.

Cross the water,
From the land of the weak.

Cross the water
The Boatsman wants more!

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