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Without Walls

This song is by IQ and appears on the album The Road Of Bones (2014).

Finding order torn asunder
Sworn surrender stole the day
Like a wave of wasted wonder
Rising up and swept away
These moments I retain
Locked in against the pain

As the darkness folds around me
Colder forces hold me down
And the doubt is growing stronger
I no longer can be found
Don't tell me anymore, it's what this life is for
In sight of lost amends, your light will shine never again

I occupy these rooms I build
And word by word, the silence is filled

Light descends in empty shades
Undermines the time we lost
Here today I'm not afraid to calculate the hollow cost
Never crossed that good expression
Said I wouldn't and I didn't
Cutthroat counsel, that won't free me
Language I could only dream of until now

I'm ready to begin, the silence is wearing thin
Without walls, constant breakdown
Without time, any day now
Without words, fake it somehow without you

Half of me is undeceased
Half is underneath the ground
Any way you gain release
Don't go where you can't be found
Are we late? It's complicated
State the words best left unspoken

Making nothing out of something
They will break what can't be broken
Now I'm made of other skin, defiance is wading in
Without walls, without time, without words, without you

Now I'm ready to begin, the science is wearing me down

And I can't go outside and there is no reason why
Unforsaken heart, take another shot now
Break it to me, protect me from the truth
Keep that highborn hope safe and futureproof now

Walls without our self control
Sleep that brings no guarantees
Night awake, come take your toll
Right there's the life and death of me

High like a permanent sun
Fly hard through a sky made of thunder

Carelessly counted on, what possessed you?
Swear to me, then you're gone, what is with you still?
Send out the sound of bells, let it splinter
When sense of purpose fails, it all disintegrates

Crowds unascended now
Rain with the burning showers
Signs come to send me down

Saw the deeper understanding
Torn asunder, wrenched apart
When the wave of wasted wonder
Rose above our empty guard
These moments made me then
And by them now I am defined again
You always knew

In the sunken water shallows, imperfections yet remain
Set beneath that mask of sorrow lies a face without a name
Don't tell me anymore, it's what this life is for
Until I stand alone
Your light will shine never again in this lifetime
In this lifetime, shine on me again, shine on me again

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