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Stronger Than Friction

This song is by IQ and appears on the album Frequency (2009).

The light that strikes against itself is hard as stone
A dream too many full of memories not my own

They're only shadows, they'll disappear
Their only destination: anywhere but here

There's nothing permanent below me and above
For every time it's all too much, it's not enough

We're unconnected, we're unafraid
We only miss each other from miles away

Tell me again, am I the same when I'm not there?
Gone in a second, impossible to bear
Hard to remember the way I lived outside
Stronger than friction until our worlds collide

These hands are useless, not even mine
They do not serve me, they lose the line

I have my version of vital signs
But there are complications of a different kind

Tell me again, am I the same when I'm not there?
One single moment and changed beyond repair
Hard to remember the way I lived outside
Stronger than friction, the balanced will until our worlds collide

No one ever thought about it
No one had the will to wonder why
Only you refused to die
For now there is no isolation
Keeping the experience at bay
Any time
Any day

It brings me to my senses, this poison in my side
The raging heart defenses a turning tide

Seen upon the television screen
'Cross the boundaries of my head
We're entertained by the dead
Stayed awake to make the morning
But it came too little and too late
Take your time, I can wait

Is this thing going to kill me
And tear my soul apart?
If not, it never will be
The one to break my heart

You're really something good
What's got into you?
This is the consequence
Of what you've led us to
These views are shaped by thoughts
Which you have never owned
You take all my opinions
Claim them as your own
I don't expect you'll ever
Let yourself be told
No easy way to say it
You've been bought and sold

Who'll defy me now
And chase the lightning all to soon?
What kind of mercy will you gain
Under the shadow of the moon?

The shadow of the moon above

And when you know what it's about
You'll stand upon a hollow heel
Those empty eyes look in, not out
Seeing the water deep and still

The shadow of the moon above

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