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Compilation album by INXS.
INXS - The Greatest Hits bonus version
The Greatest Hits (bonus version)
INXS - All Juiced Up disc
All Juiced Up (bonus disc, no cover art)
  1. The One Thing
  2. Original Sin
  3. What You Need
  4. Listen Like Thieves
  5. Shine Like It Does
  6. Need You Tonight
  7. Devil Inside
  8. New Sensation
  9. Never Tear Us Apart
  10. Suicide Blonde
  11. Disappear
  12. The Stairs
  13. Heaven Sent
  14. Beautiful Girl
  15. The Strangest Party
  16. Deliver Me
"All Juiced Up" - Limited Edition Bonus Remix Disc
  1. Taste It (Youth Acapella Mix)
  2. Cut Your Roses Down (Sure Is Pure Mix)
  3. Suicide Blonde (Milk Mix)
  4. Please (You Got That...) (E-Smoove Club Need Mix)
  5. Disappear (Red Zone Mix)
  6. I'm Only Looking (Morales Bad Yard Mix)
  7. Cut Your Roses Down (Sure Dub Mix)
  8. What You Need (Coldcut Mix)
  9. Devil Inside (12" Mix)
2000 Reissue with some songs changed, different bonus tracks
  1. Mystify
  2. Suicide Blonde
  3. Taste It
  4. The Strangest Party
  5. Need You Tonight
  6. Original Sin
  7. Heaven Sent
  8. Disappear
  9. Never Tear Us Apart
  10. The Gift
  11. Devil Inside
  12. Beautiful Girl
  13. Deliver Me
  14. New Sensation
  15. What You Need
  16. Listen Like Thieves
  17. Bitter Tears
  18. Baby Don't Cry
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