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Album by INXS.
  1. Need You Tonight (Single Edit)
  2. What You Need (Single/LP Version)
  3. By My Side (LP Version)
  4. Taste It (LP Version)
  5. New Sensation (LP Version)
  6. The One Thing (LP Version)
  7. Disappear (LP Version)
  8. Never Tear Us Apart (LP Version)
  9. Original Sin (LP Version)
  10. Mystify (LP Version)
  11. This Time (LP Version)
  12. Suicide Blonde (7" Mix)
  13. Beautiful Girl (Mendelsohn Version)
  14. The Gift (LP Version)
  15. Listen Like Thieves (LP Version)
  16. Devil Inside (Australian Single Edit)
  17. Bitter Tears (LP Version)
  18. Not Enough Time (Barcelona LP Fade)
  19. Salvation Jane (Demo Version)
  20. Tight (Dan The Automator Remix)
  21. Don't Change (LP Version)

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