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I'm Just A Man

This song is by INXS and appears on the album Elegantly Wasted (1997).

I'm just a man
My will is so strong
When I've got plans
I close my eyes to the pain
My mother ran
My father left town
But we will have
What's necessary to go on
Flesh and blood (Repeat)
I'm part of you
You're part of me
There's nothing said
Tha can not be undone
My brother's sane
His heart is so strong
He's killed some pain
To himself nearly did the same
It washed away
Into the cruel sea
Like everything
That's built upon the sand
Flesh and blood (Repeat)
Sweet sister T
She loved so long and hard
Kept to herself
Until that right man came along
Some men they lie
Some men they cheat
But now she's found
Someone to be as strong
My father ran (Flesh and blood)
My mother left town
But we still have (flesh and blood)
What's necessary to go on
I'm part of you
You're part of me


Written by:

Andrew Farriss, Michael Hutchence

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