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Biting Bullets

This song is by INXS and appears on the album Listen Like Thieves (1985).

Don't you wonder
Is anyone that strong?
It takes me under
Believing what I'm seeing
I get so tired
Of watching friends go down
The hungry tiger
For all who never began

Biting bullets, biting the clouds
Biting bullets, biting the clouds

I saw the show
Shaking all the babies
Should I believe
The parade of clever lies?
Shadow of light
In the shadow of death
There is no difference
For all who never began

There was a time
There was a way to live
And it's no secret
That it won't come back again

I lose myself
Like anybody else
But I'm not so strong
To make it in the end
I need some answers
When the day comes crashing down
But it's all over
When there's no one to be found


Written by:

Michael Hutchence, Kirk Pengilly

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