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This song is by IMx and appears on the album The Journey (1997).

I don't wanna wait til tommorow....
Cause everyday I'm away from u I feel so bad...
Oh cause I need someone
(Need someone)
In my life
(In my life)
Lately I don't know if it's wrong or right...
(Wrong or right)
All I know...
Is I just don't wanna wait 'til tommorow

You mean the world...
to me Tamika...
You are my everything...
(repeat once)

Verse 2:
I shouldn't have to wait 'til tommorow...
I wouldn't hesitate for a yes... or no...
Why don't you tell me if I could be a part of you...
(In your life, in your life)
Cause I want so much to be...oh, over you

Chorus (2x)

Chorus (repeat 3x until it fades)

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