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Please Don't Go

This song is by IMx and appears on the album We Got It (1995).

rainy days
brings back memories of you
and i will never lie
i want you by my side
thinking of you
makes me really not want you to go
please stay
stay with me

baby please don't go (please don't go)
stay right by my side (by my side)
baby please don't go (don't go)
stay right by my side( umm)

oh, i can't change the fact
that i want you in my life
don't go
my heart's not strong(my heart)
now all i see
to you, you are my friend
don't leave
I'll do anything

rainy days(brings back memories)
rainy days ( brings back memories)
rainy days i'll think of you and oh

repeat chorus til fade

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