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One By One (Remix)

This song is by I.O.S.

Verse 1:
I won't take this anymore.
It's now getting worse than before.
Top of my lungs I'm screaming now.
Wanna fight back but I don't know how.
It makes no difference of how I live.
As long as I get my sweet revenge.
Down on my knees praying in the cold.
Cryin' to God bring me back my soul.

Chorus 1:
Now I'm feel like I'm going to snap.
Oh God restrain me.

Verse 2:
My life's gone since an early age.
Right about now I'm full of rage.
There's more truth than what I say.
I live in Hell almost every day.
There's no cure for what I have.
Depressed then pissed I'm insane at last.

Crazy mind & an evil grin.
I'm the S.O.B. that invented sin.

Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
Now I'm running after sickened blood.
Oh God help me…
Taken' em' all down one by one.
Oh God restrain me.

Verse 3:
I've been sitting in,
Dreaming revenge, lovin' every moment.
I cannot see, I cannot breathe.
What've I done, left for my death in the day.
Sanity, can never hold me,
Never my eyes, never my mind,
Never my soul, never my truth.
Pulling me back, wanna go my own way.

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