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​Break Bread

This song is by I-20 and appears on the album Self Explanatory (2004).

(Intro: Lil Jon + (Ludacris))
I-20 nigga (Break bread nigga) Yeah
Don't get skull drug (break bread nigga) Fuck nigga
What (Break bread nigga)
Tell 'em tell 'em (break bread nigga)

(Chorus: Lil Jon and Ludacris - repeat 2X)
Hey I'm a maniac
Go and tell the whole world Mr. Pain is back
So get them thangs out you betta lock up ya house
And tell the cops they let the animals out
Break bread nigga

I-20 Meet the Dealer 'cause I'm out on bail
I broke free and I ain't never goin' back to jail
ATL's eastside says I'm back from hell
Reintroduced to my connect and I got sacks to sell
Since I was young I broke bones usin' sticks and stones
Puttin' bruises on you losers lames leave me alone
I'll be servin' it for certain till the day that I die
You got that reggie for the low I got that fire for the high
Niggaz travelin when they rappin' but I feel like they actin'
And I ain't talkin' bout vacation if I say that I'm packin
Hear that hunger in my voice and all the pain in my eyes
If this the only chance I get to you can bet I'mma ride
I got my back against the wall but my hand on my tool
'Cause niggaz gotta give me somethin' I got nothin' to lose
A-Town's new ruler throw ya side in the sky
Y'all niggaz lovin' how ya livin' but I'm (distorted) ready to die

You niggaz settin up to get me better come wit that four
This 20 got magazines and I ain't talkin' +The Source+
Mr. Pain'll change the game by the time I'mma reign
I catch a charge like a flagrant foul deep in the lane
Y'all niggaz know where y'all can find me see I'm deep in the south
Where niggaz put away they Benz and pull they Chevrolet out
Y'all niggaz cakin on these broads spend a stack on that bitch
I'll throw that ho right out the VIP and throw some yak ('gnac) on that bitch
And as far as all this beefin y'all ain't worryin me
We the index so I'm body that's a story in me
If I say it then I meant it you can take it at that
Y'all been eatin off these streets and now I'm takin' it back
Y'all won't see me sideways you get it live and direct
I-20 in the flesh I'm comin' live from the Dec
DTP I represent it see I'm more than a star
And if I'm fuckin' witcha club I'm buyin (distorted) more than the bar

(Bridge: Ludacris (Lil Jon) - 4X)
Get back and putcha life on the line (tell em)
Get back and putcha life on the line
Break bread nigga

I-20 is the shorts I be still takin' aim
I'm the blocks head coach bitch I'm teachin the game
So I'm servin' like I'm Agassi Venus or Serena
I'm ridin' wit a felony you duckin misdemeanors
And man I'm still hurtin' and my mama's still workin
So I stay wit the glove and a mask like a servant
A-Town's new ruler throw ya side in the sky
Y'all niggaz lovin' how ya livin' and I'm (distorted) ready to die

(Ending: Lil Jon (Ludacris))
Tell 'em (break bread nigga)
Tell 'em what (break bread nigga)
Tell 'em (break bread nigga)
Say what (break bread nigga)
Get cha shit fucked up bitch nigga (break bread nigga)